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Processing (Java)
Ron Kurti (final poster design + Flash coding)

“5,485 names are contained within this visualization on the DopeTracks one-year anniversary poster.”

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I was commissioned to brainstorm and develop an image for the DopeTracks.com one-year anniversary commemorative poster that incorporated the names of all of their active users.

While primarily designed as a means of displaying the names of all of the active users, I quickly realized it could be treated as a simple data visualization as well:

  • 5,485 unique users, each with a ranking and a date they joined the site.

  • Size indicates relative popularity on the website (lower on the poster signifies higher rankings).

  • Color maps to the date of the year (newer users are brighter).

I also assisted on an interactive Flash version that allows a user to submit their name to magnify/find their location on the poster.