• “A visual exploration that unlocks the verbal magic in Stein's writings.”

  • “Unlocking the Secrets of Gertrude Stein.”

  • “Poetry becomes piano soliloquy — a beautiful mapping into the audio domain is possible, because Stein's unique linguistical algorithms created a corpus with self-similar structure.”

  • “I propose this as a standard test for end-to-end speech recognition to speech synthesis: The 'G' Thang Benchmark.”

  • “A visualization of interconnectivity of the tracks within the ccMixter Creative Commons music and remixing site”

  • “5,485 names are contained within this visualization on the DopeTracks one-year anniversary poster.”

  • “A set of visualizations and explorations into link-spaces in the del.icio.us collaborative bookmarking network.”


beats pixels code life is the portfolio and creative blog of Ian Timourian, an INFORMATION VISUALIST, INTERFACE DEVELOPER/DESIGNER and DIGITAL ARTIST residing in San Francisco West Virginia.



I explore and create using an always-evolving variety of tools and languages such as: D3, CoffeeScript, JavaScript, Python, Figma, ActionScript, HTML/CSS, Processing, CFDG, node.js, Photoshop.



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I seek inventiveness

emerging in and from: group collaboration, social networks, distributed systems and natural processes.

I reflect beauty

in the process of distilling and visualizing data from complex networks, information sets and disparate resources.

I craft algorithms

that codify art and design, generating algorithmically creative and fractal forms of digital output.

I bridge worlds

in order to interface with, translate between, and "mash-up" varied disciplines and forms of visionary expression.