• “A visual exploration that unlocks the verbal magic in Stein's writings.”

  • “Unlocking the Secrets of Gertrude Stein.”

  • “Poetry becomes piano soliloquy — a beautiful mapping into the audio domain is possible, because Stein's unique linguistical algorithms created a corpus with self-similar structure.”

  • “I propose this as a standard test for end-to-end speech recognition to speech synthesis: The 'G' Thang Benchmark.”

  • “A neat glitch just appeared in my Gmail Inbox: one email's previewed contents was incorrect, replacing a name with a different name from a previous email.”

  • “Please provide a notebook for those of us with fairly balanced right and left hemispheres — that is, I desire a Moleskine notebook that is a combination of your Plain and Squared styles.”

  • “5,485 names are contained within this visualization on the DopeTracks one-year anniversary poster.”

  • “A set of visualizations and explorations into link-spaces in the del.icio.us collaborative bookmarking network.”


beats pixels code life is the portfolio and creative blog of Ian Timourian, an INFORMATION VISUALIST, INTERFACE DEVELOPER and DIGITAL ARTIST residing in San Francisco.



I explore and create using an always-evolving variety of tools and languages such as: D3, CoffeeScript, JavaScript, Python, ActionScript, HTML/CSS, jQuery, Processing, CFDG, node.js, Photoshop.



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I seek inventiveness

emerging in and from: group collaboration, social networks, distributed systems and natural processes.

I reflect beauty

in the process of distilling and visualizing data from complex networks, information sets and disparate resources.

I craft algorithms

that codify art and design, generating algorithmically creative and fractal forms of digital output.

I bridge worlds

in order to interface with, translate between, and "mash-up" varied disciplines and forms of visionary expression.