Ian Timourian

My mission is to visualize, transmit and transform information via interfaces, vibrations and experiences that unify, inspire and harness our collective spirits.

Ever since I was a child I have been fascinated by information:
What is it? When is it consumed? How is it represented? How can it be transferred?

This curiousity, along with an equally strong interest in computers, led me to study Electrical/Computer Engineering and Computer Science at Duke University and Information Networking at Carnegie Mellon University. Whenever possible, I would focus on aspects of user interface design or data visualization.

My current focus is Information Visualization; as a discipline, it singularly melds my skills and interests in graphic design, user interfaces, programming, data mining, etc.

Other active areas of interest include UI/UX and intersections (and cross-pollinations) between art, music, machine learning, distributed networks, creative collaboration, generative art, big data, linguistics, physical controllers.


A selection of companies and organizations I have worked with/for over the years:

Poll Everywhere
Proferi (now Tidemark)
GE Healthcare
The Energy Foundation
Trusted Information Systems (TIS)
Duke University
Carnegie Mellon University


Visual Complexity: Mapping Patterns of Information
   - Manuel Lima / 2011

SEED Magazine
   - September / 2006


Data Visualization Lounge
   - Strata Conference / 2014

Chillin' Productions annual Holiday Show
   - @ Mezzanine / 2012
   - @ 111 Minna / 2013 / details


Visualizing Poetry
   - Ignite Talk, Eyeo Festival / 2015

Unlocking the Secrets of Gertrude Stein
   - Speaker, Strata Conference / 2014

Personal Favorites


beats pixels code life is the portfolio and creative blog of Ian Timourian, an INFORMATION VISUALIST, INTERFACE DEVELOPER/DESIGNER and DIGITAL ARTIST residing in San Francisco West Virginia.



I explore and create using an always-evolving variety of tools and languages such as: D3, CoffeeScript, JavaScript, Python, Figma, ActionScript, HTML/CSS, Processing, CFDG, node.js, Photoshop.



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I seek inventiveness

emerging in and from: group collaboration, social networks, distributed systems and natural processes.

I reflect beauty

in the process of distilling and visualizing data from complex networks, information sets and disparate resources.

I craft algorithms

that codify art and design, generating algorithmically creative and fractal forms of digital output.

I bridge worlds

in order to interface with, translate between, and "mash-up" varied disciplines and forms of visionary expression.